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We welcome all inquiries from employers who are interested in hiring employees from the Philippines or from any country outside the EU. Each interested employer has the recruitment process personally explained to them by one of our ROCS Jobs team members.

Our Recruitment Process

ROCS follows the strictest recruitment procedures set forth in the implementing rules and guidelines of the Philippines Overseas Labour Office (POLO) in Rome, Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and Identity Malta.

Prospective employers are able to put forward their ideal candidate profile and, along with our Philippine Agency partners, ROCS Jobs can provide a set of candidates whom the employers can personally interview. Following selection, the processes required are put into motion by our team who assist and guide prospective employers in sourcing and completing all required documentation – every step of the way!


For inquiries about how we may serve your manpower requirements, please get in touch with our Foreign Nationals Liaison Officer on -
Ms. Irina Romachevskaya
Foreign Nationals Liaison Officer

Telephone +356 20 151 336
Mobile Line: +356 99 701 901