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Swiss Arabian was the first perfume manufacturing house in the UAE, established in 1974 with a presence in over 80 countries worldwide. Carrying a legacy rooted in a blend of Western & Oriental craftsmanship, Swiss Arabian is a brand founded on duality that proudly celebrates the space in which two seemingly opposed worlds come together. Born from precious beginnings and built on achievements aplenty, our chapters are drawn from the drama and grandeur of the East and inspired by the power and dynamism of the West.

This incredible new fragrance brand is now available from perfumes&more outlets across Malta, offering OUD scents, Arabian perfumes and perfume oils which are perfect for those that are in the search of rare ingredients & exotic & complex scents, such as green grass, dark woods, and leather. From ancients who first burnt incense to deities, oud perfumes have been created from the “Wood of the gods”. It goes by many names… including Oudh, Aoudh, or agarwood. Worn by sultans, pharaohs, and used for millennia, oud perfumes have a history that is deeply entwined with incense, ceremony, and fragrance.

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