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Mission Statement

Our mission is to operate the best specialty retail business in Malta, regardless of the product we sell. This is because the products we sell are exclusive yet affordable, our aspirations must be consistent with the promise and the ideals of the companies we represent. To say that our mission exists independent of the product we sell is to demean the importance and the distinction of being a retailer of affordable luxuries. As retailers we are determined to be the very best in our business, regardless of the size, pedigree or inclinations of our competitors. We will continue to bring our industry nuances of style and approaches to retailing which are consistent with our evolving aspirations.

Above all, we expect to be a credit to the communities we serve, a valuable resource to our customers, and a place where our dedicated partners can grow and prosper. Toward this end we will not only listen to our customers and counter parts but continue to embrace the idea that the Company is at their service.

ROCS group's retail division is one of the group's fastest developing. Besides the ROCS Travel retail presence, ROCS retail has recently introduced the INGLOT brand in Malta through its fully operated retail outlet in the heart of one Malta's main shopping districts – Sliema.

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