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17 Nov 22 - 19 Mar 23


Lake Como the destination with pure beauty, marvelous nature and breathtaking views, from where you can walk, relax, discover the peace and enjoy the calm of a holiday.

The Lario or the lake of Como, is presented between water and earth, a harmonious whole. Nature, beautiful, has always been taken care of by the man who has worked in this way, giving life to picturesque and characteristic towns, beautiful villas with beautiful gardens full of flowers and exotic plants. It shows its ipsilon shape given by the three branches that compose it: the Colico basin, the Como branch and the Lecco branch. A mild climate, a surprising and fascinating landscape with a thousand diff erent shades: blue and green waters, snowy or wood-covered rock reliefs, stone-built villages perched between the lakeside and the mountains, industrious cities rich in history and culture. Located in the middle of the Alpine area, during the summer it is an oasis where you can fi d refreshment, peace and tranquility even venturing into the surrounding mountain ranges.


Excellent traditional cuisine of Lake Como from fish to cheese to desserts, such as risotto with fillets of perch, the fine olive oil, the many vegetables (including the asparagus of Rogaro and Drezzo) and of course many dishes based on fish such as missulit (salted, dried and pressed agonis marinated with vinegar and oil). The perfect combination of lake and mountains can be appreciated on the tables of the many restaurants in the area. For a trip of a few hours or a long holiday lake Como always offers ideas of art, culture and of course beautiful landscapes.