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Guided Tours For Individual Travellers

Unique Expeditions Through South America's Unparalleled Wonders | From €3759pp


The experiences we craft while traveling become cherished memories that endure a lifetime. At ROCS Travel, we specialize in creating personalized, individual guided tours to the most exquisite destinations worldwide.


Individual Guided Travel

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South America

Individual Guided Travel

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Why choose a ROCS FIT guided tour?

Take the legwork out of booking and discovering a new country. As travel specialists, let ROCS Travel handle all the flights, accommodation and itineraries for you.  Save time, reduce costs and benefit from the personalised service of a dedicated travel agent. We also have dedicated specialists and tour managers available at all destinations.

Some of our regular tours include breathtaking Bali, magnificent Africa, South America, exotic Sri Lanka, Maldive, USA, beautiful Australia New Zealand

Travel really does make the world go round! Which destination is at the top of your travel bucket list? If you can't find it here, contact us and we'll make your dream holiday a reality.

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ROCS Travel is an IATA accredited travel agency (IATA numbers 50209994 and 50200883) operating under the laws of the Republic of Malta – a member of the European Union. ROCS Travel is a founding member of the Insolvency Fund Malta. ROCS Travel represents Emirates Holidays in the Maltese islands.

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