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16 Aug - 28 Aug 2023


Visiting: Colombo, Anuradhapura, Dambulla, Ritgala, Sigiriya, Matele, Kandy, Pinnawela,Nuwara Eliya, Horton Plains, Ella, Yala, Galle.


Meet your Tour Manager at Malta International Airport for your flight to Sri Lanka.


Ayubowan (meaning, may you live long) is our traditional greeting and we welcome you with the same whole-hearted gesture to our beautiful island of paradise! Complete the airport formalities, then collect your baggage and clear the customs. Proceeding to the arrival lobby you will be met by our representative who will warmly greet you with the hospitable smile the destina tion is so famous for! Upon arrival head to Colom bo and check-in at the 5* Movenpick Colombo Hotel. Considering your long journey, we have allocated for you to rest and relax on the first day in order to adjust to the new surroundings, and prepare for the exciting journey ahead.

Later in the day head out to explore the interesting town and surroundings of Colombo. A modern city as it looks now, the history runs deep into the colonial era when the Portuguese arrived on the island. You will walk through some of the narrow streets busy of local folk, and witness some of the buildings which have stood the test of time from the Dutch and British era! Another wonderful fact you will wit ness is the harmony among all faiths and beliefs of citizens, as you visit the tranquil Buddhist temple of Gangarama, the serene church of Wolvendaal standing tall since the 18th century, the vibrant red mosque in pettah and the astonishing hindukovil built to worship Lord Muruga! A highlight during this city tour would be the visit to the Kelaniya Raja Maha Viharaya, identified as one of the sites that Lord Buddha sanctified during his third and final visit to the island. Also witness the vibrant paintings done by a famous Sri Lankan artist who specialized his talent in Buddhist temple paintings. Meals: Dinner.


Rise and shine! Fill up with a scrumptious breakfast and we head out to explore the ancient city of Anuradhapura. As you reach close to the mag nificent city you would see the tiny peaks of the temples, but do not let this deceive you as when you visit them you will see how colossal they are! This will give you a clear idea of the devotion ancient kings paid to Buddhism and it will make you wonder how such magnificent and massive structures were built by hu man hands. The most famous series of locations visited and venerated in the ancient city are the ‘eight sacred places’. Each of which have an interesting tale to depict. Listen as our guide will narrate to you as you visit each location. But of course, we will accompany you to more interesting and important sites located in the ancient city as well. A high light will be the visit to the sacred SriMaha Bodhi. A branch of the same sacred tree which Lord Buddha sat under when attaining enlightenment that was brought to the island from India under Royal patronage accompanied by the sister of the same monk who preached at Mihintalaya. Since Buddhism was introduced to the island during this era, an immense change took place with regard to the cultural val ues of people, their norms and practices. We will also visit the location which is considered to be the cradle of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, the Mihintalaya temple. It is believed that this is the site where an encounter be tween a Buddhist missionary monk and an ancient king took place, as the king was on a hunting trip he was intervened by the monk, was preached to and with the insight this ancient king accepted and inaugurated the presence of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. Completing an insightful day, we head to the 5* Jetwing Lake Hotel for check in. Meals: Breakfast, Dinner.


Leisurely wake up and break fast is prepared for you to enjoy before heading out. Today prepare for a mystical experience in a hidden land. Ritigala, a name having two conflicting derivations of being known either as ‘safe’ or ‘dreaded’ mountain is one with roots running deep into history. As soon as you enter this revered site you too will feel the wondrous tranquillity it holds that cannot be described in words. With these perfect conditions the site held an ancient monastery for an order of reclusive and ascetic monks. The ruins of the complex make it clear how close and in harmony with nature they lived at the time. The site also provided shelter for an heir to the throne who made the decisive battle at the foot of this mountain becoming the king and creating the capital of Anuradhapura. Did you feel a change in the climate and see a difference in the vegetation as you reached higher on the mountain? According to the legend from the epic of the ‘Ramayana’ it is believed that as a part of the Himalaya mountain was being carried from above a chunk accidently fell on this place, thus explaining the distinc tive micro climate contrasting with that of the surrounding dry zone and the difference in vegetation with many medic inal herb plants found in the area. After, spend time with the locals as you head on a village experience tour. Com mence the trek on the village path that falls through culti vation land and jungle patch es and reach a cave temple. Here you will be welcomed by a monk and will engage in a conversation with you with the help of your guide. Then a session of “pirith” chanting and tying a “pirith” thread around your wrist invoking blessings and protection upon you. Head down to the shore and board the catamaran for your ride across the lake. As you travel across hear the songs of nature sung for you by the wind blowing. Arrive at the other side and walk to the village house where your will be warmly greeted by a villager. Here witness a che na cultivation and see some of the traditional methods of agriculture. Depending on the harvest you are most welcome to pluck some fresh vegeta bles which will be prepared later. Now begins an exciting moment as a village folk con duct a cookery demonstration especially for you. Learn how some of the local cuisines are made, how the produce is prepared and the spices are mixed and matched to achieve that perfect balance of flavour. You are encouraged to take part in this session and ex pand your culinary skills. Now the time you were waiting for, a delicious local rice and curry lunch will be presented for you to enjoy in the authentic traditional way. Combine the different curries and savour with the rice and eat to your hearts content. After, a sea sonal fruit will be served for you as dessert. Thereafter bidding farewell to the vil lagers transfer back to the starting point in a tuk-tuk, a more modern and fun mode of transportation. Check in at the 5* Jetwing Lake Hotel. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.


Rise early in the morning and prepare yourselves for a never-before had experience to climb the majestic Sigiriya rock fortress! A pal ace complex resulting from a family feud in the ancient times which made Sigiriya the fortress in the skies. You can marvel each step you take from the entrance itself to the wonders this site beholds! On a lucky day you can still witness the water fountain system functioning in the wa ter garden which is first. Then walk through the boulder garden to the terrace garden and do not miss to climb and witness the beautiful frescoes which are protected to this date. You then walk along the mir ror wall, where the guide will explain to you the interesting verses inscribed by visitors who arrived at the rock since long time ago. You then arrive at the magnificent lion paw, which will give you a glimpse of the wonders that are above. Take a minute to relax and capture few photos before heading to the top. When you reach the peak, you will have a 360-degree view of the area where you can witness the lush greenery, and the lakes which add to the scenery. Also viewing the historical ruins on the peak make sure to take a moment to imagine your self as the ruler and feel like royalty! Afterwards transfer to Polonnaruwa to witness the splendour of the second ancient capital of the island. The era of the Polonnaruwa kingdom is known as a gold en era in the island. You will learn the history and importance it holds and how this once self-sufficient land gives lessons for life even today. The well-preserved ruins will make you wonder the strength of the architects and the con structors back in the day, and the attention to detail of the craftsmanship will depict the massive talent which they held! Learn how foreign inva sions influenced and changed the course of Sri Lankan citizens and how the land was won back. A timeless quote was made by an ancient ruler of this kingdom stating that “no drop of water falling from the heavens was to be wast ed and each was to be used toward the development of the land”. See how the words were put into action as this ruler constructed one of the largest lakes on the island. Take a moment to relax on the lake bund and refresh with some king coconut water before commencing the journey back. Meals: Breakfast, Dinner.


Wake up to a beautiful day in the cultural triangle, and today make a change in setting. Complete your breakfast at the hotel and commence the journey to the historic city of Kandy. The first visit of the day will be to the Dambulla cave temple. A temple built in appreciation by an ancient king for providing shelter during his period of exile. This is identified to be the best-preserved cave temple complex in the island. Head inside the many revered caves where you will enter a phase of tranquillity and see the insights of a not-so-often-found cave temple. The surrounding scenery from the top will also offer breath-taking views for you to take a moment and enjoy. The next stop will be at a spice garden in Matale. Sri Lanka was historically attractive to the Western nations for its spice riches and the country is famous for a range of sought-after spices. Did you know, Sri Lanka produces arguably the best cinnamon in the world? Learn more about how the produce is cultivated and processed to achieve its high quality, and only if interested you have the opportunity to purchase them as required. Continue the journey to Kandy and on arrival check-in to the hotel. Take a moment to refresh and in the evening make way to visit the temple of the sacred tooth relic. The aptly named temple houses the most revered tooth relic of Lord Buddha. Since its arrival to the island in the ancient times, the relic had played an important role closely connected with the authority for Royalty. The visit is scheduled to be in-line of witnessing the daily service taking place. These rituals are carried out in a similar form as dedicated to Lord Buddha back then. The sound of the drums beating will notify you the start of the service. The Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden, a venue existing from the times of Royalty it was re-planned by the British to establish as a botanical garden. It offers a broad experience of the flora in and out of the island and estimates more than four thousand species of plants being exhibited. Leisurely stroll down the varied paths along the gardens and remember to make some memories in the picturesque locations. Later towards evening spend time on a high note visiting a cultural show of Sri Lanka! Depicting the traditional dances deriving from the different parts of up-country and low-country cultures, also await to witness the mesmerizing fire breathers! Check in at the 5*Earl`s Regency Hotel. Meals: Breakfast, Dinner.

DAY 7 - KANDY – PINNAWALA Leisurely wake up and refresh. Breakfast is prepared and laid out for you to savour before heading out for exploring the hill capital and other sites. The Pinnawala elephant orphanage is a valuable organization commenced back in the 1970’s with the intention of providing the much-needed care for elephant calves that were orphaned in the wild. Subsequently it further developed to launch a captive breeding program as well to ensure the continuity of this wonderful species. The orphanage grounds attempt to simulate a natural habitat to a great extent and is a quiet and peaceful land dedicated for the elephants. The visit to the orphanage is in-line with the daily routine of the elephants, where you can see the elephants being fed according to their daily requirement, their moments of relaxation and interaction with one another. The most interesting of all will be their bath time! See the elephants line up and march from the orphanage to the river across the road where you are bound to see an amazing sight. See the young calves playing together and being mischievous, the older elephants basking in the sun and having a nice clean bath! Afterwards get ready for an interesting city tour and walk to explore the famous city of Kandy! Kandy, a city with great significance holds much importance for all Sri Lankans and foreign visitors alike. It was the last kingdom of the ancient kings of the island before it was finally ceded to the British. And being home to the most revered tooth relic of Lord Buddha, Kandy is an example of the Buddhism’s influence in Sri Lanka today. Head on an interesting city tour and walk navigating together with your guide through the hustle and bustle of the busy streets. Travel to the various bazaars, mingle with the locals, experience local arts and crafts and enjoy some unique local food or drinks to keep you energized. The cool breeze that blows from the Kandy Lake to the surroundings will create a refreshing climate making the experience that much nicer. Meals: Breakfast, Dinner.




Rise and shine! A beautiful day is upon you. Have breakfast at the hotel and prepare to make the journey to the misty mountains! Head on the great scenic drive, rising in elevation on the winding mountainous roads. When visiting the hill country of Sri Lanka there is something no visitor should miss and that is Ceylon Tea! Introduced by the British, this refreshing drink is now enjoyed by every local ranging from a labourer to a millionaire! And also by countless tea lovers across the world! You will have the opportunity to visit a tea plantation to see and learn how tea is grown and harvested. Like to experience the work routine of a tea-plucker? Grab a basket and head to the field where you will be taught how to pluck the ideal leaves. This will be followed by a factory visit to witness the production process. Interested to taste some pure Ceylon Tea? Of course, you have the opportunity for this as well. Arriving in Nuwara Eliya check-in to the hotel and take some time to relax. Later in the afternoon head out for a city tour to explore the bygone days of this colonial town. Known as ‘Little England’ the town lives up to its nickname offering a picture of a British suburb village. You will see the little cottages on the hills, colonial hotels, and the racecourse etc. which have been erected during the British rule which stands proud to this day. Check in at the 5*Jetwing St Andrews Hotel. Meals: Breakfast, Dinner.

DAY 09 - NUWARA ELIYA – HORTON PLAINS Rise up early to another chilly beautiful morning, and we have your breakfast packed and ready. Let’s head out for the breath-taking trek in the Horton Plains to witness the World’s End! Declared now as a national park this trek will have you mesmerized along the whole trail. Rich in both flora and fauna your guide will enlighten you along the way of the different species of the categories. Interesting fact! Did you know that Horton Plains holds the headwaters for three of the main rivers of the island? The plains though attracted much attention during the British rule, has links running far behind in history and connects once again to the epic of ‘Ramayana’. Interested to know more? Our guide will enlighten you on the details. The World’s End will have you mesmerized on viewing this stunning location! But the sheer drop below will give you chills! Dream away with nature as you gaze upon the far corners of the island. If you wish to take a small break, you can rest for a while near the freezing waters of the Bakers fall. Completing the trek and feeling accomplished we head back to Nuwara Eliya and will allocate some time to rest and rejuvenate. Meals: Breakfast, Dinner.

DAY 10 - NUWARA ELIYA – ELLA - YALA A new day to enjoy! The breakfast will be prepared and laid out for you. Fill yourself up and after we will make our transfer to Ella, a town located towards the end of the central highlands. A cosy little town nestled among the hills has so many interesting sites that you could visit. We will also not forget to make a stop at one of the best locations where you can spot the Ella gap, opening views to the southern plains of the island, on a clear day you can view up to the coastal areas of the south! Thereafter also make a short stop at the Ravana Waterfall, which hides the tales of historical legend ‘The Ramayana’ behind its curtain of water. Later in the afternoon head in to the Yala national park for the game drive, your experience in the wilderness. The park being the second largest national park in Sri Lanka provides home to some of the most magnificent wildlife, and is identified to be one of the best locations with a good ratio on sighting 3 species of the “Big Five of Sri Lanka”. The majestic Sri Lankan elephant, the fierce Sri Lankan leopard and the elusive Sri Lankan sloth bear! The area also bears great importance on historical aspects having past civilizations situated there and also being connected to ancient legends. Check in at the 5* Jetwing Yala Hotel. Meals: Breakfast, Dinner.


Enjoy the breakfast laid for you before we cruise through the south coast. But before we have another unique experience lined up for you to witness. Curd, a local delicacy enjoyed by many, but it is interesting to see how this is actually produced. Head to a curd makers home to witness the curd making process. You can closely examine how the different stages progress from the female buffaloes being milked, followed by straining, boiling and curing. The entire visit would not be complete if you do not have the opportunity to taste the curd, therefore pour some treacle and enjoy a fresh cup of this local delicacy! Witness the uncommon practice of fishing on a stick! This is no ordinary fishing technique, there might be several methods of catching a fish but this one is mind-boggling. Stilt Fishing is an old tradition practiced by fishing families in south-western-most Sri Lanka. Arriving in Galle check-in to the hotel, and towards evening head to the Galle Dutch Fort to end the day with unforgettable views. The Galle Dutch fort, a world heritage site. Marvel in the massive stone fort which the history roots run deep to the period of the sixteenth century and then has come to its present structure by the developments made by the Portuguese, Dutch and the British. You can head up to the rampart and walk along gazing at the clear blue Indian Ocean, and this is an ideal photo location as well! Learn about the interesting details as you walk along the narrow streets of the fort. Check in at the 5* Radisson Blu Hotel. Meals: Breakfast, Dinner.


Sadly, your time in Paradise ends today! Complete the breakfast and spend the morning at leisure enjoying your last moments close to the soothing ocean. Around noon time commence the final journey out. And we have one last selection of places to visit before your departure. The town of Ambalangoda is renowned for the manufacture of wooden masks and puppets. The traditional masks are carved from light Balsa like Kaduru wood (Nux vomica). Kaduru trees grow in the marshy lands bordering paddy fields. The wood is smoke dried for a week in preparation. The hand carved and hand painted masks in traditional dance dramas are both vibrant and colourful. Then visit a turtle hatchery. This wonderful marine species has found ideal conditions for laying eggs in certain areas of the south coast. Responsible groups have come into action and through these turtle hatcheries ensure majority of the turtle hatchlings see the light of day. While appreciating their efforts you can enjoy an up-close and personal experience with the turtles. Continue the journey, and as evening falls arrive in Colombo. Here take one last break for dinner while taking a moment to relax before heading to the airport. At an appropriate time commence the journey back to the Colombo International Airport to connect to the departure flight. At this time, we hope you had a unique and enjoyable tour in Sri Lanka which will be an unforgettable experience in your life, and as we bid you farewell we hope to see you soon again in our Miracle Island! “Ayubowan” till we meet again! Meals: Breakfast, Dinner.


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