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About Us

The ROCS Group is continually investing in new property opportunities. The property sector in Malta is extremely strong. The long term profitability of property assets held in Malta is almost guaranteed because of two key factors, namely geography and climate. The country’s geographic status as an island means that the amount of property available in Malta is restricted because of the physical size and infrastructure limits of the land. Secondly, Malta is universally attractive to holiday-makers, retirees and those looking for a place in the sun, therefore the demand for property both for sale and for rent in Malta rises annually.

The annual increase in demand and the physical restriction of the amount of available property in Malta creates the ultimate investment hotspot for an international real estate investor. Malta’s property price gains averaged around eight percent up to the last few years when price gains have averaged a strong fifteen percent annually.

Our History

Set up in the early 1970s by Mr Charles Vella, the Charichel apartments were considered to be a white elephant in the centre of Mellieha. Mr Vella had just returned to Malta from Australia. He immediately started applying his knowledge in property development and the tourism industry to the local economy. His ultimate aim was always backed by his rigid belief in sustainable development and his commitment towards his country. With this in mind, Mr Vella invested heavily in the construction of a number of property developments better known as the Charichel apartments.

These apartments were some of the first to be built in the northern part of Malta and their concept proved to be extremely successful. Today, the village of Mellieha is considered to be one of the few localities with a sustainable tourism industry that is backed by growing hospitality facilities that are second to none.


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