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About Media

Mission Statement

A vision. A purpose. A dream.

Our aim is to exceed clients’ expectations, delivering added value in a straightforward style. Understand the challenges our client faces, and develop the most effective marketing solutions to match them. Fast.

Our History

Set up in the year 2000 Timeline’s aim is to produce media products in various formats - vision, sound and print. Originally, Timeline Entertainment Limited was set up by the Vella family with the sole scope of providing in-house marketing consultancy and as a production house to the subsidiary companies. Timeline proved to be a very successful tool. Over the years Timeline Entertainment has managed to become a leader in the local TV industry by consistently producing the most popular TV Show - Tista’ Tkun Int! and managing Malta’s largest advertising accounts.

Timeline produces a wide range of imaginative, distinctive and, most of all, effective television commercials and public service announcements. Productions include marketing and public relations strategies, corporate videos and audiovisual productions, commercials, turnkey television productions, logo creation and animation, broadcast design including openings, glosses and jingles, radio adverts, public service announcements and print design.

Timeline’s client portfolio include Vodafone, Emirates Airlines, Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, SKY Telecom, Piaget, Miluna, Yellow Pages, Air Malta, Lufthansa, HSBC, Nestle, Toyota, Kellogg's, Toni & Guy, McDonalds, Dell, Nokia, HP, Scavolini, Siemens, The Malta Government, The European Union and many others.

It’s not only the viewers who have crowned Tista’ Tkun Int! the top Maltese TV programme. Time and time again, surveys carried out by independent companies have given us proof that no other TV show surpasses Tista’ Tkun Int! The figures speak for themselves: a survey held by The Research Bureau in April 2006 revealed that a staggering total of 212,684 people watch Tista’ Tkun Int! on a weekly basis. These amazing results were confirmed by another survey that was carried by The Media Warehouse during the same period, which also confirmed Tista’ Tkun Int! as the top TV programme and Rachel Vella as Malta’s favourite TV hostess.

The Malta Broadcasting Authority further confirmed all the above during a three month survey which was varied out between the months of March and June 2007. It is no surprise that Rachel Vella’s innate charisma and striking TV presence continue to mark her out as Malta’s favourite TV host for the past 7 years. Tista’ Tkun Int! not only boasts the highest number of weekly viewers but also attracts a wide mix of people ranging from all walks of life and all sectors of society.

Achieving The Unachievable

Up till seven years ago, professionals in the TV industry thought that it was impossible in Malta to reach the heights that Tista’ Tkun Int! has reached. After being the first programme to turn the Sunday morning slot in an unprecedented success, Tista’ Tkun Int! continued growing and reaching new heights. International VIPs and celebrities are a regular occurrence where Tista’ Tkun Int! is concerned. Michael Owen and Ian Rush from Liverpool, Alessandro Del Piero & Mr Lippi from Juventus, Idris, Al Bano Carrisi and Fiorello from Italy, and many others – these have all supported Tista’ Tkun Int! and were happy to collaborate with Rachel.

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