It was twenty years ago that Tista’ Tkun Int! hit the Maltese screens, with presenter Rachel Vella stealing the hearts of the Maltese and in a short time making the programme the most well-loved and most popular on the island.

Since the journey started all those years ago, Tista’ Tkun Int! has grown and improved, consistently keeping its top spot with the viewers. When it was first launched, Tista’ Tkun Int! offered a totally new concept in TV to the audiences – since then, no other show has come even close to achieving what Rachel Vella, together with the TTI! Team has managed.

Tista’ Tkun Int! is well known for the feel-good factor that it offers its viewers. The purpose of Tista’ Tkun Int! simple – to make people’s lifelong dreams come true. Throughout these six years Rachel and the Tista’ Tkun Int! team have helped reunite hundreds of Maltese families (even crossing far-off continents to achieve this) and have helped dozens of people’s wishes come true no matter how impossible and difficult the task might have seemed. Such achievements have made Tista’ Tkun Int! a landmark in Maltese T.V. history.