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16 March




ROCS Travel, together with its partners from Italy comprising a consortium of Italian hoteliers on the Italian island of Lampedusa, will be offering a direct flight twice weekly to the Pelagian Islands which are not only a true gem in the med, but even better for us Maltese, they are just a mere 25 minutes flight away. They are better known as the Maldives of the Mediterranean. The Pelagian Islands are a true marvel, with a dreamlike setting, surrounded by a magical atmosphere with incredible marine life and water whose clarity and whose shades of blue attract visitors and tourists from all over the world.

Trip Advisor travellers have declared that the beach of rabbits (La Baia Dei Conigli) in Lampedusa is not just a beautiful beach, but also the most beautiful beach in the world! The trip advisor declaration was awarded in 2013, naming the Pelagian Islands as having the best beach in the world.

Taking their name from the Greek for ‘high sea’, the Islands in Italian which are referred to as Le Isole Pelagie, are closer to Malta than their political and administrative home of southern Italy. Belonging to the Sicilian province of Agrigento and situated 150km west of Malta, this group of three Islands comprises of Lampione, Linosa and the largest of the three, Lampedusa.

ROCS Travel will be offering direct flights twice weekly from Malta to the Pelagian Islands starting from June to October 2016. ROCS Travel, not only offers the direct flights, but also truly attractive accommodation and excursion rates, which will surely make a wonderful summer holiday. Needless to say that food is typically Italian and hence absolutely delicious; therefore with such beautiful sea and amazing beaches this new destination will undoubtedly be a natural choice for those who are after an enjoyable summer break.

“It all started when we met Michael Zammit Tabona and Anthony D’Amato. Together we started discussing the idea of organising direct flights from Malta to the Palegian islands. For us such connection was so natural as Malta is closer to our beautiful islands than we are to mainland Italy” stated Giovanni Damiano Lombardo, spokesperson and one of the hoteliers forming part of the hotels consortium who together with ROCS are making all this possible.

“It will be the first ever regular leisure international flight landing in Lampedusa and we are extremely positive we will give all the Maltese a welcome to remember. Our close partnership with Michael Zammit Tabona and Malta’s leading tour operator, ROCS Travel was only natural and I firmly believe we have what it takes to me this venture a success” concluded Mr Lombardo.

“We have already mailed a 16 page brochure dedicated to the Palegian Islands into each and every household in Malta and Gozo. This project is the start of a new cooperation dedicated to a new destination just 25 minutes away from our shores, which ROCS aims to establish in the Maltese islands like it did so successfully through out the past years” commented ROCS Travel director, Rachel Vella.

“The exquisite food, the unique beaches, the Italian way of doing things make the Palegian Islands the obvious choice this summer. Moreover with such a short flight all those who have always refrained from travel because of long trips, today have no excuse as it is an affordable destination starting from just €199. We are so proud of our relationship with Zammit Tabona and D’Amato together with the Italian hoteliers who have made such a venture possible!” concluded Vella.

For more information, you can also visit the ROCS stand at the Amitex Holiday show, MFCC Ta’ Qali or their Travel offices in Floriana, Mellieha and Mosta. You can also call ROCS on 20151515, or check out our website or email directly on travel@rocsgrp.comadditionally you can find us on facebook – ROCS Group.

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