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29 April 2015



ROCS Travel has always tried its very best so as to be as innovative as possible by introducing new destinations and new concepts. Sri Lanka, the destination chosen for this year is definitely a unique choice for the contestants of Liquorish 2015.Sri Lanka is an idyllic landscape and a mercurial mix of opportunities that makes the ultimate holiday destination. It offers a large variety of attractions starting with its perfect sandy beaches and ending with its extraordinary wildlife.Rachel Vella Director at ROCS travel stated “This year ROCS travel have chosen the exotic island nation of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is one of the few countries with a very vast and rich cultural diversity. The culture itself is very unique and thereby contributes to the Sri Lankan identity. Sri Lanka provides an array of holiday experience from sun kissed beach holidays to a marathon of wildlife watching, adrenaline pumping adventure sports and pilgrimage to some of the oldest cities in the world. Sri Lanka is one of the places that have it all”

Ms. Vella added: “Sri Lanka is a country of many religions and the pattern closely follows the ethnic groupings. Buddhism is the dominant creed of the largest ethnic and it plays an extremely important role in the country, both spiritually and culturally. All those following Liquorish 2015 will surely enjoy every second of this year’s edition which in addition to stunning Sri Lanka will also feature one of my favourite holidays spots in the world – the Maldives. It is a real pleasure for all of us at ROCS Travel to once again be part of this award winning reality show which in my opinion is very much bench marked on international standards and a unique opportunity for all those watching to discover what the world has to offer!” concluded Rachel Vella.

Andrea Cassar Liquorish Executive producer and presenter commented that: “ROCS Group and Liquorish have been working together hand in hand for the past ten years. It is an honour for us to have such a prestigious brand like ROCS on board and at the same time have the opportunity to travel to such stunning places like Sri Lanka. It is only though the valuable support of such sponsors that the only Reality TV show in Malta is possible. This collaboration has helped us maintain our project in many positive ways and also kept our standards in line. ““We both understand each other as both companies strive for excellence in their respective fields. ROCS Group’s foresight and support has helped us keep our goals and objectives, and as a result to this, Liquorish has always been a success.”

“ROCS Travel was a natural choice for us.” Ms. Cassar commented that “ROCS travel are probably the only travel specialist in Malta experienced enough to create such itineraries to exotic places.”ROCS Travel has been a sponsor for Liquorish for many years and has been providing wonderful destinations each year. Liquorish started broadcasting in 2004 with many different exotic countries such as Thailand, Brazil, India, Africa, Malaysia, Madagascar and Mauritius, Morocco, Guatemala, Vietnam and now Sri Lanka. With the help of ROCS Travel, the cast will have the opportunity to visit the fantastic Sri Lanka and surprise at the very end visit the last paradise on earth – the Maldives.

Kindly visit the offices in Floriana or Mellieha. You can also call the ROCS Group on 2015 1515, or check out the ROCS website Alternatively, email the team directly on for more information. You can also visit their Facebook page at ROCS Group.

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