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Got A Big Idea?

1. So, You're Onto A Winner?

We’re always looking for the next BIG thing. Especially if it builds on our exciting businesses or creates brand new ones. All our ROCS group live and breathe our core brand values and all new proposals or ideas need to reflect these values.

They are:

     Travel and tourism


     Financial services

     Leisure and entertainment



We’ve now been around for some 30 years or so. Over the years the ROCS group divisions that we’ve found to be most successful for us are ones that:

     are marketing, sales, and customer service focused? 

     use the ROCS brand.

     have a well-defined and different customer offer. 

     often delivered in partnership with experts in their field.

So if you think you have an idea

So if you think you have an idea that fits the bill and has the potential to become a major global business, we are open to your ideas.

2. So Where Are We Looking For Those Winners?

We’ve got many different businesses across the world. To make it all easier and clearer we like to group them into areas.

They are:

  1. Travel and tourism

  2. Communications

  3. Financial services

  4. Leisure and entertainment

  5. Retail

  6. property

These are the areas that we are keen to develop in the future and where we believe our winning ideas are currently hiding.

3. Getting Your Message Across

Once you've written your business proposal, you'll first need to contact the Business Development Department within the ROCS Group.


If your idea does not fit with our current companies but it is fantastic in its own right, you can send it still to us and we’ll be happy to review it. 


Each proposal is read and responded to. However, as you can appreciate, we receive a large volume of proposals, so please be patient for your reply. We cannot guarantee the return of any prototypes or products sent in so please do not send anything you want back. We’d prefer you to send proposals that are document-based and only send photos of any products or prototypes to help explain your idea.

4. More Detail On What We Need...

When you first write to us, give us a quick summary of what your idea is about but please make sure you tell us:


      What your product or service idea is

      How it fits with the ROCS brand Which business sector your idea            falls into What stage of development your project has reached

      What your involvement is, what role you would like to maintain

      Why you are approaching ROCS and how you see ROCS becoming        involved 

      What are the potential revenues and profits you see in year 3 

We receive many proposals but can take only a few forward. Top tip - you're most likely to be successful if the concept is already well developed, has large-scale potential, and can be implemented soon.

Please Include a well-defined executive summary no more than 2 pages long that explains your business plans in simple terms.

5. Keeping Hush

You should know that whenever anyone at ROCS looks at a new business proposal, our policy is not to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements in the first instance. This is because we receive many proposals which are often similar to those suggested by others, or to ideas which we have already developed internally.

6. Ok, Where Do I Send My Proposal?

For business proposals relating to existing ROCS divisions or new business ideas and winners : 

The Chief Executive Officer
Level 1 The Base
Development House
St Anne Street
Floriana FRN9010

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