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We are seeking a freelance Website Designer who is excited to apply their knowledge of the Wix platform and design theory to help strengthen the ROCS brand and help the business flourish. The successful candidate will excel in a fast-paced, dynamic, and deadline-oriented environment and will be working on a freelance basis within ROCS Group’s office in Floriana.

As part of our Marketing and Design team, the Web Designer will be involved from the concept to final execution stages in a range of projects for the various divisions of the ROCS Group. Due to the variety of project opportunities available, the successful candidate should be highly motivated with a passion for design, style, learning, and a true team player!

Being part of the ROCS Group’s marketing and design team is an unmissable opportunity to be deeply involved in the various aspects of media campaigns and creations.

ROCS Group is a trade name owned and operated by Charichelon Company Limited.

You must also possess the following knowledge, skills and abilities:

    Technical competencies:
    • Wix Editor Proficiency: Mastering the Wix Editor, the platform's drag-and-drop website builder, to create and customize websites.
    • Wix Code: Familiarity with Wix Code, which allows for advanced functionality and dynamic pages using JavaScript and APIs within the Wix platform.
    • Responsive Design on Wix: Ensuring that websites on Wix are responsive and optimized for various devices and screen sizes.
    • SEO on Wix: Utilizing Wix's SEO tools to optimize websites for search engines, including meta tags, descriptions, and sitemaps.
    • Wix Corvid: Exploring Wix Corvid for more advanced web development tasks, integrating databases, and handling dynamic content.
    • Wix Templates Customization: Adapting and customizing Wix templates to meet specific design and branding requirements.
    • Basic Graphic Editing: Basic skills in editing images and graphics within the Wix platform for quick updates and modifications.
    • Content Management: Efficiently managing and updating content on the website, ensuring it remains relevant to the group business's activities.
    • A qualification and / or proficiency in Adobe CS including InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop will be considered an asset.

The key responsibilities of this post include:

    • Site Setup: Creating the basic structure of the website using the Wix Editor, choosing templates or starting from scratch.
    • Content Integration and Updates: Adding and formatting text, images, videos, and other content elements within the Wix Editor.
    • Design Customization: Customizing the design elements such as colours, fonts, and styles to align with the brand and design preferences.
    • Form Integration: Incorporating and customizing Wix Forms for contact forms, surveys, or other user input.
    • E-commerce Setup/Maintaining: Configuring and customizing Wix's e-commerce features for online stores, including product pages and payment gateways.

Employment conditions:

This role is freelance, office-based

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