ROCS and OZONE have just made an agreement embarking on a long term plan to integrate all different offices / retail outlets in Malta, Libya and Yemen onto one platform, incorporating the best of what cloud communications solutions can offer.Incorporating more than 16 years of experience in building IT infrastructure along with a suite of sophisticated Wireless Voice and Data equipment, OZONE network has been built specifically to allow companies to do what you do best, run their business. OZONE leverages this network to deliver solutions that are among the most recent and advanced in the Telecoms industry. From VLAN, WLAN, Wi-Fi to SIP Voice to our investment in people, we deploy our range of products and services to make sure you always experience the best in class.Telecommunications is an important tool for businesses, it enables companies to communicate effectively with customers and deliver high standards of customer service.Robert Runza Chief Executive Officer at Ozone Ltd said "We have been collaborating with ROCS Group for a good number of years now and are very pleased that ROCS Group have entrusted Ozone Ltd. to handle their long term plan of integrating and consolidating communication services across the group.  Ozone's unified communications cloud platform will help simplify the proliferation of everyday technologies bringing to the Group's several offices and outlets based locally and abroad audio, web and video conferencing, unified messaging, instant messaging, presence, and more. Integrating voice, video, and data will enable users to communicate and enjoy collaboration in real time.” Mr Runza added that “ROCS Group like Ozone is a forward looking company that take advantage of latest technologies to maximize the potential of their work force.”Colin Aquilina Head of Finance & Business Development at  the ROCS Group commented: “It is with great pleasure that ROCS is hereby appointing Ozone as the official communications partner. Ozone has been handling our internal communications since 2007. As you can imagine our requirements are quite hefty both in terms of traffic and quality. This is why we have chosen Ozone – a one stop solution, based on the latest cloud technology connecting our various offices and retail outlets in Malta, Libya and Yemen.” He continued by saying: “We believe that this choice is a step in the right direction through which ROCS will benefit from a digital platform which is financially feasible, reliable, flexible and offering top notch quality.”For more information, you can also visit ROCS Travel offices in Floriana or Mellieha. You can also call ROCS on 20151515, or check out our website or email directly on [email protected] additionally you can find us on facebook – ROCS Group.*terms and conditions apply

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