In the light of the ever changing Trade Fairs and Exhibitions market in Malta two leading brands have reached a long term agreement, initially set for 3 years covering three major annual fairs including the annual national Malta Trade Fair, MFCC Amitex Holiday show – Malta’s own travel fair and The MFCC Warehouse Sales – Malta’s largest indoor retail sale expo. Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre Limited (MFCC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Catermax Limited which in turn is a fifty-fifty joint venture between the Corinthia and Vassallo groups of companies. MFCC is Malta's largest international conference and exhibition venue and offers a blank canvas for creating any kind of event. The 7000m2 venue can host everything from large scale conferences to gala dinners, a concert for 10,000 to a motor exhibition and from a fashion show to an art exhibition. The venue's in-house resources, expertise and flexibility offer a complete support network that can deliver all requirements to the highest standards. The ROCS group one of Malta’s leading household names was setup in the early 70s by its founder and Chairman Charles Vella. Today it has established itself as Malta’s prime operator and market leader in the travel, insurance, investments, media and retail market in Malta. Probably best known for the local award winning TV production Tista’ Tkun Int!, today ROCS is definitely a leader when it comes to marketing campaigns, innovative ideas and market reach through the various campaigns which are launched on a weekly basis.
Together MFCC and ROCS have agreed to join forces and utilise each other’s expertise, brand exposure, marketing clout and brand representation in order to achieve maximum attendance at each of the fairs listed above. A long term agreement has been reached between the ROCS Group and the Malta Fairs and Convention Centre (MFCC), through which the ROCS Group have secured their presence at the AMITEX and MALTA TRADE FAIR.MFCC Managing Director and Corinthia Director, Mr Gerald Borg stated, “The strategic alliance that MFCC has developed with the ROCS Group is based on the plans that we have for the coming years for MFCC to continue to provide the venue and organization of such fairs and exhibitions. The public and exhibitors will benefit from having a forum where the exhibitors can showcase their products and services while the public will be able to make an informed choice. MFCC recognizes the strengths of the ROCS Group as a crowd puller and believes that both parties can work together to bring to the visitors an enhanced and valuable event experience. In turn this will of course also be beneficial to all other exhibitors taking part in both the MFCC Amitex Holiday Show and the MFCC Malta Trade Fair. MFCC intends to continue with its plans to upgrade its fairs, exhibitions and events to international standards.”Colin Aquilina Head of Finance & Business Development @ the ROCS Group commented, “The long term agreement, initially set at 3 years, that has been reached between ROCS and MFCC, is definitely a step in the right direction. The organisational skills, logistics capability and foresight which MFCC have to offer will mix well with the innovation, brand recognition and marketing clout which we as ROCS will be able to deliver in order to make AMITEX and THE MALTA TRADE FAIR, Malta’s leading fairs and the place to be”.
“The ROCS Group has long been known for going the extra mile. For this year we have a number of surprises lined up for the summer season. Our continuous endeavour to offer our utmost in service, customer care, offers and package prices, in my humble opinion makes ROCS the obvious only choice” For more information, you can also visit ROCS Travel offices in Floriana or Mellieha. You can also call ROCS on 20151515, or check out our website or email directly on [email protected] additionally you can find us on facebook – ROCS Group.*terms and conditions apply

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