ROCS Group Main Sponsor for the Malta Eurovision 2014

Malta has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest for the past 40 years and has not missed a single contest since 1991. The 59th annual Eurovision Song Contest 2014 will be featuring the participation of 37 countries to be held in Denmark.

In a run up to this event Malta organizes its own Eurovision Song Contest so as to choose the participating song for the final night. Indeed, the ROCS Group sponsored the Malta Eurovision 2014 that was hosted by Gianluca Bezzina, Ira Losco and Moira Delia at the MFCC Ta` Qali on the 7th and 8th February.

This event is the most viewed event on TV throughout the whole year with an approximate audited audience exceeding the 250,000 figure.

“ROCS   has   always   been   a   keen   supporter   of   the   Maltese   talent.   As   a   group,   we   recognize   such   an important event within the Maltese culture and it is our pleasure to sponsor this prestigious and awaited event for our islands for the fourth year running” stated Colin Aquilina, ROCS Group Head of Finance and Business Development.

Today the ROCS Group has established itself as a household name in the Maltase islands, having its operations reaching out to countries like Libya, Yemen, Sudan and Egypt.

Colin Aquilina concluded: “The Eurovision event is a perfect platform for the ROCS Group to launch its annual travel campaign which will feature the best ever rates issued on the island. It is an honour for us to associate ourselves with TVM during such an important event. Such sponsorship fits perfectly within the ROCS group principle of rewarding all those within the company who perform to their best of capabilities”

“As TVM, we are very proud to associate our brand with the leading local name in travel,” says Mr Anton Attard, Chief Executive Officer at TVM. “It is a pleasure to have ROCS Travel on board for this unique event, and it is only with the help of local brands like the ROCS Group that PBS manages to deliver a quality TV show that will be enjoyed by the Maltese, the Gozitans and the thousands of Maltese abroad who follow us over the Internet.”

The ROCS Group would like to wish everyone taking part in the Malta Song for Europe Festival – both on stage and the behind the scenes – the best of luck.

To find out more about ROCS Group, kindly visit the offices in Floriana or Mellie?a. You can also call the ROCS Group on 2015 1515, or check out the ROCS website You can also visit their Facebook page at ROCS Group.

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