ROCS Group launch second INGLOT store in Tripoli

Thursday 5th September 2013 is another date which should be marked in ROCS Retail calendars. The second INGLOT store in Ben Ashour, Tripoli opened its doors for its numerous enthusiastic customers.

Ben Ashour is situated in a busy fashion district which makes it easier for all women to access and make use of the popular INGLOT services and products. In its exclusivity, INGLOT Ben Ashour, includes private VIP makeup rooms in order to make it more comfortable for all those who want VIP treatment.

After launching the first store in 2012, INGLOT earned a high profile amongst the Muslim population. Moreover, the recent study which named the INGLOT O2M Breathable nail polish as ‘halal certified’ drove all Muslim women to wear O2M nail polish as it can be worn during Muslim prayer.

In fact, the much awaited launch was welcomed positively by Libyan women who made it a point to visit the brand new store.

Abdurazzaq Elmanfi, Director of INGLOT Libya stated “Our partnership with ROCS Retail proved to be successful and with great honour we are now launching the second store in Tripoli. Women in Libya have lately become addicted to INGLOT products and this further drove us to flourish our INGLOT chain of stores”

Colin Aquilina, Head of Finance & Business Development at the ROCS Group stated “We have been working closely with Mr Elmanfi for the past 5 years. Our cooperation proved to be a great success; two stores now functioning in Tripoli, the third store to open in Benghazi within 3 months and the fourth Tripoli store within 12 months. This development proves the ROCS Group perfectly right in its vision which also includes the launch by the ROCS Group of the INGLOT franchise in Yemen”

ROCS retail is an INGLOT franchisee for Malta, Libya and Yemen. For more information visit

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