ROCS group employees started 2012 with a bang with their annual celebrations of the hard work done in 2011. Indeed, this year the chosen venue was that of the exclusive VIP Club H, the new chic club in Paceville located above the well known Shadow Lounge.

All employees of the ROCS group comprising of ROCS travel, ROCS insurance and investment division, INGLOT, INGLOT the studio & Perfumes&more, eagerly awaited this annual magical night so they could dance the night away with the colleagues they have become so acquainted to – many of them speaking over the phone on a daily basis yet meeting only on this special occasion.

The highlight of the evening was the raffle for two free flight tickets for any Emirates Airlines destination, one of the ROCS group main partners. Needless to say that the lucky winner of this year’s raffle was overjoyed by this! The winner, Ms Joanne Camilleri, stationed at the ROCS office Floriana was overwhelmed to learn about her trip and stated “I have never won anything throughout my entire life. I have been with ROCS since last March and this is surely a good way to start 2012.”

The Staff were welcomed by the Company’s Chairman Mr. Charles Vella with the following warm words “the board of directors is extremely proud for all the hard work the entire team put into 2011. So what better way to thank you than with party celebrations and festivities? This is only a small gesture to show our appreciation for your hard work and loyalty to the group and we hope that 2012 will be just as, if not more successful than last year.”

Throughout the past 40 years the ROCS group has established itself as a market leader within the different divisions it operates. With over 80 employees working for ROCS and over 70,000 household clients within the Maltese islands, the group has always been known for the innovative approach it embraces towards any market which the group embarks.

“Targeted marketing and rewarding our staff and customers has always been the core of our structure. In a time when companies were experiencing difficulties, the ROCS group has managed to increase revenues and employ more dedicated staff. We believe in our staff as we all together make what the brand ROCS is today, a leading household name for the Maltese islands. ROCS leads other follow – this is our creed” concluded, Rachel Vella, Director ROCS group.

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