ROCS Group wins best investment sales award for MSV Life

Even though 2011 was a rather difficult year with regards to investments, ROCS Group won not only one, but two very prestigious awards at the MSV Life Awards Ceremony held during December 2011 at the Meridien Hotel, Sliema.

One of the awards presented to the Group was that of Best Investment Sales 2011 awarded to the non-bank tied insurance intermediary producing the largest volume of lump sum investment business for MSV Life. Whilst the other award was that of Most Improved Performance 2011 awarded to Ms Lisa Busuttil Dougall, ROCS group Executive.

Indeed, ROCS Group offers several MSV Life investment plans specifically designed for anyone’s situation and this is what helped the Group achieve these rewards. Nevertheless, such awards do not only refer to the Group’s excellent sales performance but also to the personalized service offered to each and every client of the ROCS group.

“Commitment and the best service possible towards our clients, irrespective of the amount they spend with us, is and will always be at the top of our agenda. I would like to thank the team for their continuous effort and persistence throughout this year”, stated Simon Vella, Director of ROCS Group.

Mr David Curmi, Chief Executive Officer MSV Life p.l.c added “ROCS group have been tied insurance intermediaries of MSV Life ever since the establishment of the company in 1994. MSV Life has witnessed the growth of ROCS group into one of the more important tied insurance intermediaries of MSV Life. MSV Life and ROCS group are committed to provide the highest standards of service to their mutual customers and to continue to focus on product innovation to fulfil the evolving demands of their many customers”.

Visit ROCS Group at our offices in Floriana or Mellie?a for more information on how you can benefit from a wide range of investment opportunities. You can call ROCS on 20 15 15 15, or check out our website or email directly on [email protected].

ROCS Co. Ltd. is a tied insurance intermediaries of MSV Life p.l.c, which companies are authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority. Company Reg. No. C15385.

Mr David Curmi, Chief Executive Officer MSV Life shaking hands with Ms Lisa Busuttil Dougall, Insurance Executive ROCS Group (left) and Mr Simon Vella, Director ROCS Group (right).

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