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Most of us have already experienced the magic of our capital city, yet how many can say that they fully relished it? Waking up in the beating heart of a historical gem and a UNESCO world heritage city is truly an experience in itself and choosing to stay at some of the crème de la crème accommodation on the island, promises you a unique and unparalleled getaway.

You can witness its magic from the earliest drops of sunshine, with the most incredible sunrise lighting up the beautiful grand harbour. Wander through the grids and look up and admire the traditional balconies, exquisite details and architecture on buildings that valiantly survived years of bombings. Get the full tourist experience by hopping on a late afternoon carriage ride and taking in all its sights. From views of the bustling Sliema Strand on one side to the breath taking view of the Three Cities on the other.

The Three Cities offer an intriguing insight into Malta and its history. Left largely unvisited, these cities are a slice of authentic life as well as a glimpse into Malta’s maritime fortunes. Their harbour inlets have been in use since Phoenician times: the docks always providing a living for local people, but also leaving them vulnerable when Malta’s rulers were at war. As the first home to the Knights of St. John, the Three Cities’ palaces, churches, forts and bastions are far older than Valletta’s.

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