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Part of the Sporades group of Greek islands in the Aegean sea, although Skiatos is a small island it boasts over 60 beaches while inland is packed with lush greenery making it a paradise for nature lovers. It has fantastic nightlife but offers plenty to do for families too!
Boat tours are available to take visitors to the sea caves on the northern side of the island, where the landscape is untouched and the water is crystalline. One can also visit the ruins of Kastro, the fortified pirate-proof former capital and a mecca for birdwatchers in spring, where some of the long-abandoned landmarks have been restored.
In the height of summer, Skiathos Town is the place to eat and to be seen, with amazing cuisine and a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy spending time with others; later at night, the town’s nightlife comes alive.
— Visit Strofilia lagoon – an environmental habitat preserved under EU environmental programmes
— Enjoy the various clubs and entertainment venues
— Take a boat tour to the sea caves or the uninhabited island of Tsougria

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