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From art festivals and Unesco-listed puppets to some of the tastiest street food you'll ever encounter, Sicily's capital city is full of memorable experiences.

Explore the various markets; flea markets, food markets including Ballaro and Capo. Get ready for an explosion of the senses! If you’re up for a night of crunchy, battered food and cheap drinks with the locals, visit La Vucciria. Munch on fried calamari, battered eggplant and arancini! till be able to get your fill of art and culture across the UNESCO World Heritage historic centre. isit the oldest royal residence in Europe, the Palazzo dei Normanni, constructed with Arab foundations from the 9th century. Be sure to treat yourself to a night at the opera in the third-largest theatre in Europe, the Teatro Massimo, a neoclassical masterpiece with beautiful acoustics. Stretching from Palermo to Messina, the north coast of Sicily is surprisingly varied, with four distinct landscapes. The north coast has several superb beaches, with those around Cefalù, Mondello and Capo d’Orlando amongst the best. Cefalù has the added advantage of an attractive town and, after Monreale, is Sicily’s loveliest Norman cathedral. As you travel along the north coast, the ancient sites of Tindari and Solunto and the Norman castle at Caccamo are also pleasant diversions. Away from the coastline, there are vast swathes of agricultural land and vineyards that produce some of Sicily’s finest wines. A day trip to the Aeolian Islands is an option. Best known for their smouldering volcanoes, black sand beaches and steaming fumaroles.