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With full freedom, open your arms and heart. You are free to scuba dive in the most crystalline waters, practice the most extreme sports, travel in time by visiting places and monuments from a mysterious past and begin a trip within the trip surrounded by inimitable meals and flavours.

Natural monuments and unique landscapes, hills and valleys, birdlife (flamingo) parks and reserves, old towns and archaeological sites, knowledge and flavours, artistic handicrafts and food and wine itineraries. Whether on foot, by bike, on horseback or on the Trenino Verde (Little Green Train), this island is a must visit! You cannot say you know Sardinia if you do not experience symbiosis with its sea. You can do it with water sports, by taking relaxing walks along the shore, being cradled by the waves, getting benefits from its sun and scuba diving where the blue is deepest. Taste authentic products of the land, like meat, cheeses, seasonal fruit and vegetables, which are at the basis of the Island's culinary tradition, and must be accompanied by a good glass of cannonau (or two)! Experience firsthand the timeless customs and traditions that make this place magical. From the era of the Nuraghe until now, Sardinia is a treasure trove of riches for your eyes and mind. And the intangible cultural heritage offers unique excitement. Without forgetting festivals and fairs that enliven the island for a party that lasts 12 months out of the year.


— Beaches
— Cagliari and Southern Sardinia
— Nuraghe Su Nuraxi
— Costa Smeralda
— Alghero
— Nuraghe Losa
— Arzachena Prehistoric Sites
— Nuoro and the Gennargentu
— Bosa
— Arcipelago de la Maddalena (Maddalena Islands)

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