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Bristol has recently become one of the country’s most vibrant cities. Here you’ll find a thriving cultural scene, buzzing bars, cafes and restaurants. The harbour has now become a leisure venue, with heritage attraction and world-class street art adding colour and spice to the city.

It has been given the title of the best place to live and study and one of the top five most inspiring cities in the UK! The reason for this is clear – Bristol always has something going on. It has all the life of a larger city packed into a more manageable size, so it’s impossible to feel unengaged and uninspired here. From walking tours to amazing festivals, including Bristol Food Connections, Bristol Pride, Bristol Sounds, and Bristol Harbour Festival, there is always something going on. It has been called the most artistic, hipster city in the UK. In addition to an incredible art scene, you’ll find Bristol caters to other hipster tastes as well: the foodies will be delighted by St Nicholas’ Markets, the music-obsessed will want to linger at vinyl stores like Idle Hands and Payback, and vintage-lovers should spend half a day at the Old Market. And don’t forget all those independent artists spray-painting the city, they make the city vibrant and cutting edge. A simple bike ride around the city is also a wonderful way to do some sightseeing, and there are plenty of places to rent a bike.

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