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A visit to Berlin is bound to be an incredible trip. It is the capital’s diversity, contrasts and its virtually inexhaustible possibilities that excite visitors from all around the world.

Berlin is one of the few cities that has three UNESCO World Heritage sites, apart from the famous Museum Island and the Prussian palaces and gardens. It is also the only city in the world that has three opera houses holding performances and with its roughly 300 galleries for classical modernism and contemporary art, it also has the largest gallery scene in Europe! Berlin also has more unusual museums such as the Lippenstift Museum (lipstick museum), the Hanf Museum (hemp museum) and Urban Nation, the museum for urban contemporary art. The city embraces its visitors with open arms and always has something going on! Explore its vibrant culture, cutting-edge architecture, fabulous food, intense parties and tangible history. Berlin is the capital of Germany and also the country's largest city, offering an eclectic mix of new and classic architecture, dynamic entertainment, shopping, and a wide variety of sports and cultural events. It is home to the world famous Berlin Opera, hundreds of galleries, and museums, including the Museum Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After the WWII, the city has been rebuilt in a way that celebrates its successes while acknowledging a dark past. People say Berlin is not a German city, with so many foreigners living there. While you’ll find popular German dishes (schnitzel, eisbein etc) in most restaurants, most Germans love their Kebabs. In fact, there are more doner shops in Berlin than in Istanbul, 1,600 of them in total, selling around 400,000 döners a day!


— Reichstag
— Brandenburg Gate
— Berlin Television Tower (Fernsehturm)
— Gendarmenmarkt
— Berlin Cathedral
— Kurfürstendamm
— Charlottenburg Palace
— Museum Island
— The Berlin Wall Memorial and Documentation Centre
— Potsdamer Platzot

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