ROCS Jobs - How We Started

In 2014, Malta began to experience an unparalleled economic growth, resulting in an increased demand for labour. This increase in demand could not be satisfied with the local workforce available, which led many Maltese companies to pursue the recruitment of labour from outside the country.

Mission and Vision

ROCS Jobs is the latest addition to the ROCS Group divisions, operating under the Maltese registered recruitment agency - ROCS Services Limited. Throughout the past 45 years our operation has been constantly growing, providing services in travel, insurance, retail, property, media, investment, and retail. Across the group we employ approximately 175 valuable ROCS employees.


Our mission at ROCS Jobs is to provide quality assistance to our clients by sourcing and employing the best-suited candidates to a role, from qualified professionals to highly-skilled or non-skilled occupations, and to help those prospective candidates with finding the best job opportunities for their respective qualifications. Our vision is to be recognized in this industry, staffing, placements, and engagements solutions.

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