Our Services

We at ROCS Jobs are committed to helping you fulfill your staffing needs. Together with our dedicated Philippine agency partners, we will process the entire procedure for you, in compliance with both Maltese Law and Philippine Government Law. We will supply your business with the right labour formula for a long term solution: the Filipino manpower of hardworking, dedicated, and loyal individuals.


We clearly understand the difficulty which many companies are facing with labor force shortages across the Maltese Islands. We commit to solving the challenges you are facing and creating more opportunities for your business.


ROCS specializes in deploying highly skilled workers and experienced professionals in the field of: 

Household – Live in Nannies, Live out Nannies, Live in carers, Live out carers

Health & Medical - Nurses, Caregivers, Physiotherapists, Doctors, Dentists, Dental Assistants

Technical - Engineers, IT Professionals, Architects, Machine Operators

Hospitality/Catering - Hotel Staff, Chefs, Restaurant Staff, Fastfood Crew

Finance/Administration - Sales Staff, Accountants, Account Managers

Construction - Artisan, Journeyman, Artificer, Craftsman

Office – Accountants, qualified auditors, office clerks, payroll officers

ROCS Jobs understands your goal in the business industry. Let us know the company workforce challenges you are currently facing. We will assist you to find the perfect match.


ROCS Jobs assists employers with the full process of employing Philippine nationals, from candidate search and work permit application, to Philippine Exit Clearance.


We are 100% committed to assist you in all your requirements.