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Have you ever stopped to think of what would happen to you and your family if you were injured and cannot work anymore? 

What would you do without your monthly income? 

Who will continue to pay your bills?

Who will continue to pay your loans?

Most of all who will continue to take care of your family and loved ones?

Did you know that the MAPFRE Middlesea Personal Accident insurance policy is designed to safeguard your family’s lifestyle should you suffer an injury which results in either your death by accident or disability which can also be temporary and totally disablement. The policy has various options and is tailor made to each individual. Clients may also opt to be covered on a 24 hour basis. The client also chooses the amount of Weekly Benefits to receive for each week that you cannot work due to an Accident resulting in your Temporary and Totally Disablement and the Capital sum that will be paid upon the event of Accidental Death, Total and Permanently Disablement or Permanent and Partially Disablement, all of this in one affordable policy.


  • Death by accident
  • Loss of sight of both eyes or loss of two or more limbs or loss of sight of one eye and one limb
  • Loss of one eye or one limb
  • Permanent total disablement
  • Permanent partial disablement according
  • To the scale of disablement
  • Temporary total disablement
  • Disappearance of insured person