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Delhi became the capital of India some hundred years ago, while the British Empire still ruled the land. With a rich heritage older than its status as capital and spanning several dynasties, and a thriving present, here the modern and traditional impeccably combine.
Delhi’s modern attributes can be seen in its metro system which all sections of the city, diverse restaurants, and amazing architectural features such as Signature Bridge and the stunning Lotus Temple. Its history is seen in its maze of narrow lanes, monuments, ancient forts, tombs, and bazaars. See rickshaws traversing the narrow streets, glorious monuments such as India Gate and Humayun’s Tomb, and many museums exhibiting items from the country’s rich history. Delhi also hosts major festivals including the International Kite Festival, commemorating the passion people across the country have for the craft.
Shopping is diverse with shopping and entertainment complexes and malls, as well as a plethora of items available including luxurious fabrics and ethnic crafts. Cuisine is appetising and colourful with a range of flavours to suit all tastes, from those who prefer milder palates to those who are ready to challenge their taste buds!
— Admire the magnificent architecture of Lotus Temple
— Splurge on luxurious textiles found in the markets and bazaars
— Feast on traditional Indian cuisine
— Lose yourself in the splendour of the Red Fort
— Visit one of the many museums displaying examples of some of India’s finest art

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