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An abundance of beautiful landscapes and outdoor activities make Cebu one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the Philippines. The islands of Cebu are a beach-lover’s paradise. Snorkeling in the immaculate waters of Malapascua Island is a must. But Cebu isn’t all about beaches. It has a mountainous interior perfect for camping and trekking. 20 minutes away from the city is Sirao Peak, a challenging climb where you can stop to swim under a waterfall, before ascending to the top for the once-in-a-lifetime views. For true foodies, Cebu is fast becoming renowned for its street food scene. Cheap meals like Humba, sweet pork with rice, Kwek Kwek, deep-fried battered boiled egg and Ngohiong, Cebu-style spring rolls, can be bought for less than a Euro and are a treat for people enticed by exotic, spicy, authentic food.
— Visit a variety of wildlife parks ranging from impressive waterfalls to mangroves.
— Swim in one of Cebu’s many waterfalls.
— Catch a magical sunset on a beach.
— Relax in the Mainit Hot Spring.

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